CAV Angels is an on-line angel network for UVA alumni and affiliates.   We accept qualified applications through the GUST online angel investing system.

CAV Angels will consider applications from high potential startups that meet the following conditions:

  1. The startup’s founder, major investor or board member is a UVA Alumnus (Alum) or has another strong UVA affiliation (UVA IP used, Student, Faculty, etc…)
  2. In a growing, high-tech industry, targeted by CAV Angels,
  3. With a strong management team,
  4. Seeking a Seed or Series A round,
  5. And has a completed product or advanced prototype
  6. with demonstrable market traction,
  7. and growing customer base.

Industry Focus:

At this time, CAV Angels is focusing on the technology and healthcare industries, so if your startup is in either industry, please apply.

We look forward to expanding to other industries, so please check back for updates.



1. We screen all submissions for funding through the Gust system, a leading online angel investor platform. Before you can apply for funding through CAV Angels, you must set up a company profile on Gust:

2. Once your company profile is set up, click below to apply for funding to CAV Angels.