CAV Angels is a non-profit University of Virginia alumni club with the specific focus of encouraging and enabling UVA entrepreneurship on a global basis and educating UVA alumni and students on how to successfully invest in entrepreneurial ventures. As a university-based angel group, CAV Angels sees, screens and helps to fund some of the most exciting and lucrative new ventures anywhere, while encouraging UVA entrepreneurs to bring their best ideas for feedback and investment by their peers. Some of the benefits of membership from an educational perspective include:


CAV Angels puts on short, educational webinars covering a variety of topics in the investment world. CAV Angels members also have access to the webinars put on by the Angel Capital Association. CAV Angels will be creating digital courses drawing on the educational activities of our members and Board of Directors, many of whom are faculty or former faculty from the Darden, McIntire, and Engineering Schools at the University of Virginia. We will be packaging parts of existing courses to make them more valuable to members and distributing them online.


CAV Angels offers educational and networking events to its current and prospective members all across the country. These events are hosted by local CAV Angels chapters and are an opportunity to meet other members and speak with them about their own experiences in the investing world. Building connections among members is a valued aspect of CAV Angels, which is why we promote networking as well as learning opportunities at our events.


Our mentoring program connects talented alumni with students and UVA–led startups and provides unrivaled support to guide and advance these startup efforts.


Our goal is to ensure that all of our members gain the knowledge to full understand the investment process. In addition to the internal activities of CAV Angels, we are also an active member of the Angel Capital Association. Our members are eligible to participate in all Angel Capital Association activities including the ACA’s Annual Summit, their full range of educational programs, and their research from their affiliated organization the Angel Resource Institute. To learn more about the Angel Capital Association, please visit their website at