Portfolio Companies

CAV Angels Portfolio Companies

SaaS recruiting platform for students and recruiters seeking top talent with advanced degrees

Funded 2017 and 2019. Approximately $200k over multiple rounds

Founders: Sarah Rumbaugh, Zach Mayo

Drug discovery – Natural Therapy for Dry Eye

Funded $300k+ over multiple rounds including Series A in 2020

Founders: Mark Logan, Gordon Laurie PhD

AC direct LED lighting solution

Funded 2017 Series Seed $250k

Founder: Roger Whyte

Augmented reality (AR) platform that serves the unique needs of cultural institutions and the travel industry creating dynamic, immersive
experiences to their visitors

Funded successive rounds of Series Seed in 2018-2020 $400k+

Founders: Greg & Marion Werkheiser

Drug discovery – developing a novel microRNA therapy to treat patients
with peripheral artery disease (PAD)

Funded Series Seed in Q3 2019 $300k

Founder: Dr. Brian Annex

Autonomous underwater vehicle (UAV) not requiring a support vessel

Funded Series Seed in Q1 2020 $300k+

Founders Jerry Sgobbo, Bill Lebo

SaaS mentoring /Mentor management platform

Funded June 2020
$150k+  Series Seed

Founder: John Failla

Specialty materials – additive that strengthens polymers and composites enabling light-weighting

Funded Series Seed Q3 2020 $250k

Founders: Haley & Kevin Keith

CAV Angels Investments

Empowering innovation with quality location data

Funded H1 2020 Approximately $800k of Bridge round to Series B

Founder: Josh Anton

Organic bio- pesticide to treat high value crops and control mold

Funded $300k+ over multiple rounds including Series A in 2020

Founders: Bryan Berger, Evan Eckersley

AdTech – Helping brands engage GenZ consumers 10x more effectively

Series Pre-Seed and Seed  Approximately $100k 2018/19

Founders: Victor Layne, Aneesh Dhawan

SaaS security platform that secures digital assets and reduces digital risk

Funded in H1 2016.
Approximately $50K

Founders: Jim Zuffoletti, Otavio Freire

Building unique fluorescent labels to enable high resolution biology at the single cell level

Funded Series Seed in 2019 approximately $200k

Duke spin-out with UVA PhD CEO Mike Stadnisky

MedTech – developing Adam, a long-lasting, reversible male contraceptive using hydrogel technology

Funded $50k+ pre-Series A bridge

Founder: Kevin Eisenfrats

Fin/InsurTech – Saas-based insurance underwriting  platform leveraging data science, AI and machine learning

Funded 2018 Series Seed approximately $100k

Founders: Paul Ford,
Glen Hibler & Bryan Simms