Invest in UVA’s Entrepreneurs

Angel investing has grown increasingly popular in recent years, largely due to the opportunity for large financial returns.  According to a 2016 study by the Angel Capital Association, a well-diversified portfolio of angel investments can produce a 22% annual rate of return.  The opportunity for such outsized returns could make the addition of this asset class quite attractive to an investment portfolio.

However, we at CAV Angels do not define our success simply in terms of financial return: we seek to benefit the entire UVA entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Some of the non-financial benefits we provide to entrepreneurs currently starting or building a company are mentorship, networking, and connections.  Young companies need more than just money; they need advice from industry experts who have been there before.  Often this mentorship and advice can have a much more positive impact than simply an investment check.

We believe it would be a mistake to only focus on current entrepreneurs, so we also help educate the next generation of business leaders.  The founders of CAV Angels are professors of entrepreneurial subject matters across UVA, and we also work with UVA undergraduate and graduate student interns performing research. To date, CAV Angels has educated more than a dozen interns and fellows in the strategies and thought processes that go into a thorough and professional due-diligence report.

In addition to working with entrepreneurs, we also provide education and support for all of our investors, making CAV Angels a great learning opportunity for inexperienced angels.  Our investors get access to professional due-diligence reports and live Webinar Q&A sessions with founders on all proposed investments, providing deep insights into the company and the opportunity.

Investors also automatically get membership in the Angel Capital Association and access to all of its educational programming.  And later this year, we plan to launch an educational series of angel investing programs and seminars for angels of all experience levels.

If you are interested in joining CAV Angels or receiving more information about our seminars as it becomes available, please contact us at either or (434) 218-5783.