Screening Process

CAV Angels is dedicated to improving the UVA entrepreneurial eco-system. We are committed to working with UVA and UVA affiliates in the entrepreneurial and startup community and believe that CAV Angels efforts will augment and complement formal/official UVA efforts in this space.

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As we are entirely on-line, the use of live and recorded teleconferences, video presentations, and other on-online presentation and communications tools are vital to telling a compelling investment story to the potential investor.

CAV Angels will generally follow the process as outlined below.   Although our process is online, our staff and partners will be available for personalized guidance in every phase. Also, please keep in mind that the speed of due diligence is difficult to estimate, and will generally involve inquiries to third parties and other processes beyond our control.

[vc_progress_bar values=”33|Phase 1″ bgcolor=”bar_orange” options=”” title=”Initial Screening “]
  • After basic company information is uploaded to Gust, CAV Angels will make an initial review on whether the company meets the basic funding qualifications.*
  • There is a $150 new application fee.
  • Phone interview with startup CEO/Management.
  • Basic due diligence collection and research
[vc_progress_bar values=”66|Phase 2″ bgcolor=”bar_orange” options=”” title=”Due Diligence “]
  • On-line video presentation by company
  • “Deep Dive” due diligence collection and research
  • Review and vote by Due Diligence/Investment committees*

[vc_progress_bar values=”100|Phase 3″ bgcolor=”bar_orange” options=”” title=”Member Vote “]
  • On-line presentations and live/interactive Q&A with startup company leaders
  • Membership vote to continue due diligence, decline or invest. A minimum vote/investment threshold must be met to continue to funding phase.*
  • Final negotiations on term sheet and deal documents
  • Funding raise from membership.

*Please note that within each phase, the committee may vote to continue gathering more information, progress to next round, or to table/decline the application.   Applicants that are declined may request a debrief and reapply if applicable.

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