What We Do

CAV Angels is dedicated to finding and funding the best angel investment opportunities and entrepreneurs in Charlottesville, across the country and, eventually, worldwide. Our active members have deep expertise and experience in many different sectors and can provide tremendous value to investments outside of just funding. Our top priorities are to provide our members with the opportunity to invest in world-class startup opportunities and provide portfolio companies with our investors’ connections, experience and knowledge.


CAV Angels’ membership will draw from UVA alumni and investors with a strong affiliation with UVA. This includes alumni, students, faculty/staff, researchers, parents and others with a strong UVA affiliation.

CAV Angels will seek to fund selected high potential startups where a founder, major investor or board member is a UVA alum or has another strong UVA affiliation. This means faculty/staff, researchers, parents, or anyone else with a strong tie to UVA can apply for funding.


By leveraging technology, CAV Angels brings the knowledge and experience of our diverse member base together with our startup community, regardless of location.   The Gust platform provides CAV Angels with an established and widely-used system for organizing and coordinating activities between investors and entrepreneurs.


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Watch founding members Jim Cheng and Dick Crawford discuss CAV Angels at the iLab at the Darden school of Virgnia.